Dear Valued Applicant,

Product Evaluation Service, was founded in 1994 by Beverly Gleason. We provide companies with unbiased, accurate information about how well each location is performing. Our whole aim is to help companies become more effective. We want our clients to be better than anyone else, because that's what keeps the customer coming back. We have a mystery shopping assignment in your area and your WAGE will be PAID Per Assignment/Evaluation. The assignment will pay four hundred dollars per duty and are no charges or previous experience.

Details on Survey:
* Measuring the quality of retail services.
* Efficiency of the attendant.
* Customer service professionalism.

P:S: This survey can be handled at your spare time. You would be given full details of every activity you have to carry out and your payment would be included in your acceptance mail.
Product evalusation service is currently accepting applicants.  Please fill in the information as completely and accurately as possible.